9 Nov 2019
Posted by Rahul Arora

DRY SKIN CARE IN WINTER Dry skin is usually sensitive and cold makes this worse. Because of the humidity and cold air in the winter atmosphere, the skin starts to become dry and lifeless. Therefore it could be necessary to pay more attention towards our dry skin. Which look not to be good. 1. ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF WATER Due to low sweating in winter, thirst is low. In such cases, you reduce water to intake. Which directly affects your health, as well as your skin to becomes rigid. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is important for skin as well as for health. You may also can squeeze the lemon into water and make lemonade which make your system detox or hydrate your body. 2. OIL MASSAGE To remove dryness in the winter and to get moisture back to the skin and massage the skin in order to get skin freshness. Take or do regular massage of your skin to prevent from dryness. Regular massage makes blood flow to the body in the right way and they become skin soft and bright. And if your skin is more rough then massage it with the almond oil and olive oil on the face and other parts before sleeping at night. Because it makes your skin soften. 3. TAKE BATH WITH LUKEWARM WATER Use lukewarm water instead of hot water for bathing in winter so you will feel refreshed. Also your skin will remain hygiene. Donot put your water temperature to high. Because doing so causes the skin to dry up. And if you are able to put baby oil in bath water then put it. Because it makes our skin soft. 4. MOISTURIZER If people with dry skin and do not take proper care of their skin, then they face problem of dryness in the winter on their face and skin also. So, specially for dry skin peoples whenever you wash the skin, after washing it, put a good company, branded or trusted moisturizer on your face that makes moist on your face and skin. Start following these habits to prevent dryness in winter :- • Eat healthy. Add lots of fruits, fibres and green vegetables in your diet. • Do not take hot water baths because it creates dryness. • Apply moisturiser twice or thrice in a day. • Keep your body under hydration by drinking lots of water. • Cover your body properly specially face to avoid cold air and dryness of your skin. • don’t use too many beauty products which contain alcoholic content in them. • Replace your soap with a face wash. • Apply Vaseline on your feet, hands and lips to keep them soft. •Apply coconut oil all over your body and face, before bathing because this will soften and moisturise your skin.
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