14 Nov 2019
Posted by Rahul Arora

We all do lots of things do look young in these days. But one thing which is main that is to protect your skin from dust and pollution. Now, these days increasing air pollution may harm our skin. If you want to maintain your skin health and want to look young than it is better to save your skin and hair from harmful skin pollutants which are increasing day by day. Their some useful and healthy tips to protect your skin from pollution:- 1. Keep the skin clean: Keep the skin clean from dust by wash your face minimum 3 times in a day. Specially your face when you come from outside. And cleansing your face and remove dust by using face wash. 2. Cover your face: In our environment air is getting much polluted. So to protect your skin cover your face, if you go anywhere in outside with scarf and handkerchief. 3. Apply sunscreen on face: Try to apply sunscreen before going to the sun. Because sunscreen lotions are protect our skin from harmful UV rays which damage our skin. 4. Moist your skin: Due to pollution our skin gets dryness. So try to keep your skin moist, for to keep your skin moist apply moistures. 5. Take vitamins: Vitamins are antioxidants in nature (such as vitamin C and E), which are essential for dewy, clear skin. Healthy levels of these vitamins in your body indicate that your body is fending off toxins well. 6. Eat healthy: For to maintain your skin you can improve the immunity of your body towards these pollutants. Avoid oily food and take some healthy food and you also take healthy juice like carrot, pomegranate juice, etc.  
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