21 Feb 2021
Posted by Rahul Arora
Top 5 bridal makeup trends 2021

Girls, we can understand the excitement that you all have for your D-Day. Right from the outfit to makeup and from decor to venue, flowers and food, you expect everything to be on-point. Bridal Makeup, to be precise, should always be on fleek to make you look stunning on your most special day. Choosing the right makeup look for your wedding day is not easy. Also, each year, there are new trends and style running in the makeup world. So, all the 2021 brides, here we list down the top 5 bridal makeup trends 2021 that will make you outshine everyone else on your D-Day!

1.Simple base with pink shimmer lids

A little shimmer never harms. And when it’s your wedding day, you must add it to your makeup look. The first one to top our list is this simple and elegant bridal makeup look with subtle base and pink shimmer lids. Modern brides are staying away with heavy and cut-crease eye makeup look. The simple, decent ones are largely in the trend. Go for a smooth base and light-coloured eye shadow, coordinating with your outfit. Complete this bridal eye-makeup look with mascara.

2.Glowy makeup look

The Bridal makeup is never complete with one thing – GLOW! While your inner happiness and joys would surely radiate on your face on a special occasion, it’s important to bring it out professionally. A glowy makeup that highlights the inner corners using just the right amount of highlighter can add a beautiful glow to your face. Keep the rest of the makeup minimal and pair it up with a decent, mauve-shade lipstick to complete the look!

3.Nude lips and smokey eyes

The craze for smokey eyes has not faded and never gonna be. Keeping a simple base and minimal makeup with a light shimmer and highlighter, pay a little extra attention to your eyes by going with a smokey eye look. Minimal and nude makeup is trending for the subtle and decent look that they give and modern brides just can’t stop praising them. Go for a light, nude makeup with smokey eyes and get ready to turn all the eyes while you walk down the aisle!

4.Bold brows

In recent years, there has been a shift in bridal makeup trend from a heavy, intense look to a natural one that highlights your facial features prominently. Bold brows with natural makeup and light lipstick shades are among the top 5 bridal makeup trends in 2021. Ask your makeup artist to highlight your brows while keeping the rest of the makeup subtle. It gives purely a magnificent look when you pair it up with your bridal outfit and jewellery.

5.The evergreen red

The first colour that comes to our mind when we mention bridal clothes and makeup is Red! No matter how cliched, the classic red lipstick and red-tone bridal makeup is here to stay. So for all the brides who wish to endure the glory of the wedding colour, do not hesitate to put a bold, red lipstick with some bronze and blush to give you that classic, all-time-favourite look.

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