16 Apr 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
5 Minutes Quick & Easy makeup routine and tips for everyday.

How many of you have just 5 minutes to get ready in the morning on most days?

You need to leave from home in 10 minutes, and you just stepped out of the shower, and are yet to get ready, there’s so much to do in the morning sometimes, that make-up can take a back seat. This is more so with married ladies with kids.

So this is what you can do when you have the clock ticking, i.e. my 5 minute make up routine:

1. Apply primer: This is most important step, especially if you have oily skin. I’m assuming you wouldn’t have the luxury of time for frequent touch-ups during the day too.

2. Conceal: Grab the concealer stick/ pot, and dab on some concealer onto the under-eyes and on any spots/ scars, in case you have any, using the ring finger of the right hand. This will instantly make the skin look fresh. Don’t cake it up. Remember, we have no time for corrections too!

3. Powder it up: Next apply a light coat of loose powder or compact to set the primer and concealer, and to mattify the face.

4. Kohl: When in hurry, grab a water-proof kohl pencil, and line the upper and lower lash line with the same pencil. This step will instantly give you that polished look.

5. Mascara: Apply a coat of your favorite mascara to add oomph to the eyes.

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