Hair Smoothening Services

If you are looking for the best Hair Smoothening Services in Delhi & NCR and you are dream of having flawless, flowing hair, then you are the right place!

Our professional hairstylist will give a perfect look to your hair that will add confidence to your overall personality. If you have rough, wavy, or curly hair and want a super straight hair then you should opt for our Hair Smoothening in Delhi. Rahul Hair Stylist Academy is one of the leading hair stylist salon in Delhi that offers the best hair smoothening treatment for any length at minimal prices. We have the best hair smoothening experts for curly, straight, dry, less volume and thin hair.

Hair Smoothening
  • Hair Smoothening Price: ₹ 1,500/-

Hair smoothening is a chemical process that involves saturating the hair with a formaldehyde solution, which is then dried out and locked in a straight position using a flat iron.

Hair Smoothening is the best treatment for people having Curly and wavy hair and looking for straight and silky hair.


Hair Salons Preventive Measures

We strictly follow these important safety rules for our clients & us both.
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