15 Feb 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora

The season is hot but do not let it ruin your special day! You are ready to take the plunge with the love of your life and obviously, you have to look your best with everything. From clothes to makeup, every detail should be on point. Summer bridal makeup is tricky as it is prone to meltdown due to the excessive heat and humidity. Hence, a bride needs to be extra careful with her makeup in this scorching hot season.

1) R & D: Research thoroughly about the makeup you have chosen, you must consider the sensitivity of our skin. If it is prone to acne and pimples, you can go for mineral makeup else Air Brush makeup is the most trending one and gives you a flawless look!

2) No Basic Instinct: You cannot just rely on your instinct and go ahead with the kind of makeup you had imagined. Instead a reality check is a must, you must rehearse the look before actually getting it done on the Wedding-Day.

3) Locale: The venue location too must be considered before selecting the right kind of bridal makeup, if you are planning a wedding at a lawn make sure you moisturise well. Use of sunscreen is a must at a day time wedding, if not then it can be skipped.

4) Mood and Lighting: You must also consider the lights in mind, adding too much of shimmer under yellow lights can be disastrous while you can go an inch extra if you have white lights around.

5) Shimmy Shimmy: Your bridal makeup style should match your attires, for pastel lehenga shades you must keep away from smoky eyes and go for nudes and shimmers instead. So make sure you pack your makeup kit accordingly.

6) Creative Hand: Hiring a wedding makeup artist is always suggested. So, you can always check their availability well in advance.

7) Who to Hire: It is important to know your makeup artist well and have a thorough research about his / her work. You must always ask for the snaps of their work before selecting them and see if they can give a trial as well.

8) Blush and Smile:  Blush gives you the ultimate edge and should be correctly  used. Wear a constant smile, the apple of the cheek pops out and that’s where you need to work.

9) Eye shadow Primer: To ensure smudge free makeup use an eye shadow primer. It brings out the different shades of your shadow well!

10) Shimmer all the way: The eyeshadow is of primary importance for eye makeup. Shimmer is a must in a bridal makeup kit. Apply light shimmery shadow at the inner corner of your eyes. Darker shades can be used for smoky effects at the outer corner of the eyelids.

 11) Eye Brow Power: Enhancing your eyebrows is a must, you can use eyebrow pencils or the eye brow brush to give it a shape.

12) Kajal is the thing: A word synonymous to beauty would be Kajal for me. No make up kit is complete without a kajal in it. Make sure you apply it dark on the Wedding-day right from the inner corners to the area where the eye shadow starts.

13) Liner: It is the final addition and also an important one as it gives definition to your make up and adds to all the drama.

14) Mascara: It makes your eyes look wider and enhances your beauty. It must be applied last so that excess shadow and concealer is hidden under its coverage.

15) Eye lash curler: It is a definite thing on special occasions. Use it at while your mascara is still wet so that it takes a firm shape after curling.

16) Fake it! Fake Lashes are suggested for bridal make up as it gives a dense effect to your lashes!

17) Lip Balms: You need to moisturise your lips well to avoid chappy effect, you are going to have layers on your lips so better prepare them with oodles of moisturising.

18) Lipstick: Choose a creamy based ones coz they last longer than the matte ones. You would want at least your lipstick to be on point for that picture-perfect snaps.

19) Line the lips: Lip liner will define your pout, if you have thin lips go for the outer edge of the li line for those who have fuller lips inner lining is just perfect to bring out the natural shape.

20) Hairstyling: Bridal hairstyle is critical, with your make up rehearsals you should also try out the hairstyle that has been suggested. If you are completely happy and look your natural self only then should you finalize.




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