28 Mar 2022
Posted by Rahul Arora
Best Bridal Makeup Looks for Modern Bride

Bridal makeup is gaining popularity among modern brides. Here are the reasons behind its rising popularity and how you can flaunt it on your big day.

The stylist bride is experimental, minimalistic and loves to be unpredictable. Though red is synonymous, some brides wish to break away from this monotony and stand out with their bold and out of box choices. Nude is one such choice. It just fits the bill – glamorous but not over the top, beautiful but not predictable and goes with Indian skin but does not make the bridal makeup look run-of-the-mill.

Plus, nude makeup has this ethereal quality to it. The bride looks all the more elegant when she dons nude shades. It looks more natural than made-up, which most brides want today. The makeup expert strategically highlights the unique features of the brides and hence, enables her to stay in tune with her personality rather than mimicking anyone.

Whatever your skin tone is, makeup is going to get you all glammed up. It is a misconception that nude makeup can’t be stunning. If you look at the runway and red carpet trends, you will see most A-listers flaunting nude makeup – smooth, radiant skin, oozing out the oh-so-lovely feel. Nudes are all about using shadow and light to sculpt the face, and not about washing the face with beiges and browns. This actually works well for the candid wedding photography that is so much in vogue these days. What’s more fun and mesmerizing than the camera catching the bride in her true spirits?

The allure of the radiant skin works well for the wedding day when all the focus is on the bride’s face. Perfect your skin – with a light hand – with the help of foundation and concealer. If you want to keep it simple yet smoldering, focus on the eyes. Copper and gold accent on the eyes wonderfully elevates the glamour quotient of the nude bridal makeup. Pair it with sunset shaded or rosy blush, sheer lipstick, and highlighter on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Just remember, perfect nude makeup is a clever play of warm and cool tones. This year, the golden nude makeup is going to be a major bridal beauty trend.

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