31 Aug 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
How to choose a best bridal makeup artist & hair stylist in Delhi NCR?

Wedding planning is no small feat: just ask any of your married friends. Among the 100 other things that are important when it comes to making your big day flawless, picking the right makeup artist and a hairstylist is right up there on top.

You understand how important beauty and makeup is on your wedding day and you want to be confident you will look fabulous in person as well as in pictures so you need to find a high-quality makeup artist. With so many makeup artist websites out there how do you start sorting through the good ones from the bad ones? Below are the top steps in choosing the best bridal makeup artist for your wedding day.

1. Know what you want on your big day
While you might not entirely know what you want when it comes to makeup and hair, go into your conversation at least having a rough idea. If you’d like to go all out with your makeup, look for a makeup artist whose extravagant style appeals to your taste. If you prefer minimal makeup, choose an artist whose forte is that, as opposed to someone who creates glitter smoky eyes on the regular. It’s essential that you, your makeup artist and hairstylist are on the same page so you’re not in for a surprise on the actual day.

2. Refer to Instagram & Facebook, but also ask around and get referrals too

Most makeup artists now have an Instagram & Facebook account documenting all their bridal beauty looks. Scroll through their profiles for an approximate idea of what their beauty aesthetic is like so you know what you’re in for. “It’s important to see bridal makeup portfolio and then decide if you want to take a trial of a few or just pick one.” Get referrals from friends and family who’ve worked closely with makeup artists on weddings in recent times so you also have a realistic opinion on who’s done a good job previously.

3. Get a makeup trial
Makeup trials are the real deal breaker, once you’ve shortlisted two-three makeup artists whose work you like. Make sure you come prepared with at least swatches of your outfit and the jewellery you will be wearing. “Ideally the clothes should be ready so the makeup artist and hairstylist can recommend the best looks. Only once they know how high the collar is or if the neck is low or not can they put together the entire look. It’s important to know how heavy the jewellery will be as well. Everyone should be on the same page”.

Communicate with the artist so you’re both in agreement of what you want. However, when getting a trial, don’t rush into it and try one thing on half your face and another on the other half. “At a trial, you’re most probably not wearing the entire outfit and your hair isn’t done either. Asking to then try two different looks at once on your face is a bit ridiculous. You won’t get any perspective on what you will finally look like.”

4. Make sure they pay attention to your skin
How good your makeup looks is directly proportional to how good your skin is. It’s imperative that they understand the importance of your skin as well. “Speak to the makeup artist and listen to what they have to say about any skin treatments you may need to undergo before your wedding. These are the important things your makeup artist should be able to tell you. He/she is finally going to work on your skin, so they should know”.

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