15 Feb 2021
Posted by Rahul Arora
How to choose the best makeup Artist Academy in Delhi

The makeup industry has been rapidly emerging as one of the preferred career choices among the young generation. The beauty and the glamour industry has proved to have a vast scope for a successful career for a few decades now. Like any other profession, making a career as a makeup artist requires dedication and passion for your work, hard work, skills, knowledge as well as a careful study of the industry.

Delhi NCR apart from Mumbai has been emerging as one of the leading cities offering top-class makeup artist courses. Therefore, if you’re aiming to become a successful and professional makeup artist in Delhi, it is important that you choose your makeup artist academy in Delhi. To make a wise decision, there are a couple of points that you should never miss. Here we have tried to list down some of them to help you choose the right path for your career as a makeup artist in Delhi.

Be clear about the objectives as a makeup artist

It is very important to be clear with the objectives before you start anything new. This applies to choosing the best makeup artist academy in Delhi as well. Look for the courses that offer training in international makeup looks, teach a variety of applications and blending techniques, offer knowledge of Makeup etiquettes and hygiene and also guide you about the different products required for different facial features. This way, you will emerge more confident in doing a variety of makeup looks after you complete the course.

Learn about skincare and general cosmetology

Makeup is only a way to enhance one’s natural beauty. Hence, you must have knowledge of skincare and general cosmetology to enhance the natural radiance of every skin type. This way, you’ll be comfortable and confident in doing natural makeup without layering up and also impressing your clients with the same.

Raise your questions to the makeup artist academy

A curious mind learns better. Hence, do not hesitate in asking questions when you’re choosing the best makeup artist academy in Delhi. Some of the questions you must ask include the experience and skills that their faculty have, accreditation of the makeup academy if they provide extra practice sessions, what is their batch size, what are their teaching techniques if they provide the products and the tools required for the practice and so on.

Check the certification

In today’s highly competitive world, having skills and knowledge is not enough. One must also present the proof for the same. Hence, when you’re looking for the best makeup artist academy in Delhi, check whether the institution provides the certificate endorsed by the Government of India through the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) on the successful completion of the course. This way, you will be recognized as a certified makeup artist in Delhi.

Look for internships and placement programmes

Like any other professional course, a reputed institution must offer training, internship or placement support. For the new students or freshers just initiating their career as a makeup artist in Delhi, the best academy will be the one that provides internship or placement support upon the successful completion of the course.

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