16 Feb 2022
Posted by Rahul Arora
Makeup mistakes done by women

Applying wrong shade of foundation or too much foundation like you are wearing a mask is a biggest common mistake which wear seen after applying makeup. Some women apply too much foundation on her face which does not look good at her face. And some women apply wrong color of foundation on her face which even does not match with their skin colour tone. you look worse, if you do apply anything wrong on your face. So kept in your mind your skin color tone then apply foundation and also apply foundation on your checks, nose, jaw lines, under eyes so the skin color of your body should match. And one more tip doesn’t use a foundation which is lighter than your skin tone.

Shimmer and glittery eyes are looking attractive. Many people use glittery eye shadows for looking more attractive but when you use over glitter, they look extremely worse. For shimmer and glittery eyes choose nude color eye shadow, and then use glitters on eyes. Do not use the yellow, blue or any funky colors for eye shadow.
When you come to eye shadow, the key is to BLEND! If you are success fully blending the colors your eyes look gorgeous.

There are some people who apply too much highlighter all over the face which leads to a more shiny appearance. Keep in mind highlighters reflect the natural light to present a shine. If you’re going for a more polished, natural look, highlighter should use less highlighter because it is best for your face look.

Consumers, who purchased the influence’s lipsticks quickly began to complain about a lipstick quality issues. From lumpy textures, to crumbling products, to receiving lipsticks with small bumps, many fans reported a whole host of damaged products. But perhaps the most concerning of all the issues were the people who reported that their lipsticks arrived with what looked like tiny hairs on them.

We all want long, thick lashes, so it’s only natural that we go overboard once in a while. But it’s bad practice to brush your lashes with 100 strokes. Instead, try going over them once with lengthening mascara and once with a thickening one.

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