8 Jun 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
Preventing Infection and Control Measures for Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist against Covid-19

Are you worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how this might spread in your hair salon, beauty salon or spa?

In response to the recent disease outbreak, it’s more important than ever to ensure that staff know how to take appropriate preventive measures in order to reduce the chances of this virus transmitting between clients and staff alike.

Here are the precautionary measures that customers and staff must follow for a safe visit.

1.Social Distancing: We must maintain 1-2 meters distance of waiting seats

2.Book Appointment: Make an appointment and payment online

3.Body Temperature Measurement: Check the body temperature before entering the hair salon.

4.Use Srgical Mask or Face Shield: Customer and Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist must wear masks if customer don’t have, salon must provide them.

5.Clean Your Hands With 60% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer: Must clean your hands with 60% Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

6.Ventilate: Use fans instead of air conditioners and open door or windows for ventilate.

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