23 May 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
Some simple bridal makeup tips do’s and don’ts to consider before you sit down to get your bridal makeup done!

Women probably spend months thinking about their perfect bridal look – everything from the outfit to the makeup and jewellery must be decided weeks ahead of the actual day! Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life as it is a celebration of love, lifelong bonds and coming together of the two families. In fact, the photos we take and memories we make on our wedding becomes a cherished treasure for the couple.

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before you sit down to get your bridal makeup done!

Do’s of bridal makeup

1. Trust the traditional

Go with the evergreen bridal makeup trends instead of opting for what’s new. Traditional makeup will make you look classy even years later!

2. Warm your skin tone

You will be constantly exposed to harsh lights while getting photographed. Flashes make us look paler than we are so it’s advisable to apply some bronzer to warm your skin tone – this will give you a more natural look in your photos.

3. Go for neutral toned colors

Unlike what you may know about bridal makeup, stay away from harsh and loud colours. Neutral colours make you look fresh and dewy whereas loud colours dampen your overall look. Since your outfit and jewellery will be embellished, go easy on your makeup. Choose your lip colour carefully or you could end up looking frosty!

Don’ts of bridal makeup

1. Get waxing and facial done at least a week ago

Don’t assume that facials and waxing will give you the best look if done on the day of your wedding. Treatments can leave your skin tender and react negatively with the makeup. Get your treatments done at least five days before so your skin is ready to look its best.

2. Stay away from powder based makeup

Use liquid foundation, concealers, highlighter and stained blush. Powder makeup products tend to oxidize quickly and make you look chalky or balmy.

3. Do not fall for makeup surprises

Do not pick a look on the go. Decide on your look day ahead so you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant surprises. This also familiarises your skin with the products and prevents any mishaps such as rashes, redness etc.

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