4 Nov 2019
Posted by Rahul Arora
Split Ends: Causes and Remedies

Causes of Split Ends • Excessive sun exposure • Improper brushing or De-tangling • Excessive blow drying • Colouring • Over use of heat tools in hair • Excess use of styling products such as gel or wax • Absence of regular trimming • Use of wrong hair care products • Irregular oiling of hair REMEDIES FOR SPIT ENDS • TRIMMING ON REULAR BASIS : Everyday washing , as well as combing, can cause wear and tear, so it is not easy to prevent split ends totally . Split ends make the hair look dull, damaged and unshine, unkempt. You can’t reverse the damage which was already done, then you have only one way to get rid from this problem that is regular trimming after couple of months. • OILING YOUR HAIR PROPERLY : Oiling your hair at least 2 or 3 times in a week regularly is very much important as it considered to be the best way to maintain healthy hair . Because oiling nourishes our hair, prevent split ends, maintain moisture balance and dryness. • USING APPROPRIATE COMB : Use a wide tooth comb which help to reduce hair breakage and split ends . Always comb your hair from end to and then gently move towards up. Apply hair conditioner to the sculp and massage gently and then wash it . so the hair is untangle and ease to comb. • RESTRICT USAGE OF HEAT APPLIANCES : Hot Blow dryers and heat curlers are the most common reasons for split ends and breakage. Avoid using these types of heating appliances on hair from damage . Best way to dry your hair without damage is to let it dry naturally or instead use of anti-heat sprays. • PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM ENVIRONMENTAL HARMFUL FACTORS : Harmful environmental factors include hot sun, too cold wind and polluted air. Long term exposure to hot sun may damage your hair, leaving it dry and breakage as well as split ends. Similarly, cold winds too can be quite harsh on hair. So, whenever you are stepping out side in too hot sunny days and too cold winters days then must protect your hair. By wearing a scarf ,a hat, or something else which are suitable for you.
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