17 Mar 2021
Posted by Rahul Arora
The Best Bridal Makeup Looks to Must-Have This Summer Wedding Season

The wedding bells for this summer season have begun to ring loudly! As the summer wedding season, 2021 is just nearing, we can sense the excitement as well as the hype among the summer 2021 brides to be. While you all are busy checking your lists for a perfect outfit, jewellery, accessories, trousseau, and so on, here we are to help you with the summer bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup is one of the important and also crucial aspects when planning your D-Day. Whether winter or summer, every season calls for different bridal makeup. Since the summer season means more humid, warm and sweaty weather, it’s essential to plan your summer wedding makeup accordingly. Here a few tips to help you curate a perfect summer 2021 bridal makeup looks.

Go for minimal makeup

The power of a minimal makeup look is still highly underestimated. This summer wedding season, start preparing your skin for a perfect glow and bridal look internally. Start at least 2 months before to make your skin healthy from its core. Keep your skin hydrated, follow a skin detoxifying routine and consult with your makeup artist and cosmetologist to prepare your skin for minimal bridal makeup. This way, you won’t need much amount of makeup to cover up and still outshine everyone with your bridal glow. Moreover, this look won’t go with the makeup, it’ll beautify your skin from within.

Choose light shades and flowy fabrics

Your makeup and your outfit go hand in hand. If you go wrong with either of these, you would spoil your bridal look. So, choose the light shades and flowy fabrics for your summer wedding. Stay away from heavy embellishments and go for light, gradient colours. You can go for Chanderi silk, satin, crepe, net and chiffon fabrics. These are lightweight and extremely easy to carry.

Ensure your makeup is highly waterproof

This is something you really need to pay attention to in your wedding weather ins summers or in winters. Ensure from your makeup artist that the products used are highly and effectively waterproofs. We all agree that there are going to be extremely emotional moments in your wedding and one cannot stop from shedding tears of joy But hey, that shouldn’t ruin your makeup, right? Also, owing to the hot and humid climate, waterproof makeup is important to prevent any drippings and smudge.

Do not use cream-based products

Do not use heavy foundation and also raise a red flag for cream-based products. They will make your skin oily and give you a heavy, sticky look. Not only would you feel uncomfortable, it would also make your skin look extra worked-up in your wedding. And that’s definitely not what you want. Go for powder products that would give you a neat look and also will help in absorbing the sweat.

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