8 Apr 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
Top 5 Makeup Tips for Summer Brides To Beat The Heat And Look Stunning

For a summer bride, the weather can be quite a downer. Obviously, not in terms of flaunting your sexy curves but definitely for your makeup. So, the rising temperature, sweat, and the uncomfortable feeling can get quite annoying for a bride. With the humidity and the grime, getting the perfect look for all the functions can be quite a task. The usual tips may not work for the summer bride. Here is the top 5 tips which is perfect for Indian summer bride.

Tip 1
When choosing the foundation, remember to pick out only the water-based ones. Cream-based foundations are a complete no-no, even for those with dry skin. For the day events, apply a thin layer using a sponge. Coat it with a generous layer of compact powder. Giving a matte effect to your skin, the compact would cover up any skin blemishes that you might have. For the evenings though, the foundation should be applied generously, followed up by the compact powder suiting your skin tone. Finish it off with a sparkly blusher. Opt for shades like pink, bronze and gold.

Tip 2
Before applying the foundation, it is best advised to apply a healthy dose of primer or illuminator on the skin. If it is in the liquid form, they can be mixed with the foundation. Not only will they moisturize the skin but also lend a glowing effect to the skin without it being too shimmery. Another handy product is the concealer. With all the sweat, one never knows when a pimple might pop up. A concealer will help take care of all those issues, night or day!

Tip 3
When choosing your lip colour, make sure that they add freshness to your bridal look. Steer clear of the dark colours like browns and burgundy’s. For all the day functions, you can choose shades of pink and peach. For the evening and night events, the neon shades are definitely in. Pick out the one that best suits you and matches your attire. To give your lips a fuller look, dab a little gloss in the centre of your lower lip.

Tip 4
One of the most prominent features of the face, your eyes deserve special attention. Use minimum amount of eyeliner and mascara during the day. Smear your eyes with kohl, and accentuate them with eyeshadow, preferably in subtle shades. For the evenings, you may go bold and opt for eye highlighters like gold, bronze and copper that goes well with Indian skin tones. A generous application of eyeliner and mascara will add a glamorous touch to your look. Remember to only use water-proof products.

Tip 5
For the bride getting married in summer, rubbing your face with ice cubes before applying any makeup is suggested. Not only will the makeup remain non-smudgy but will also stay longer despite the odds. A dab of astringent will lend the much-needed freshness to your face in the drab weather. Keep wet tissues close, to wipe out sweat or dust. Alternately, spray cold water on your face from time to time to keep your skin hydrated.

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