28 Jul 2019
Posted by Rahul Arora

“Makeup” a girl’s best friend is the first thing which she checks upon while leaving her home. Whether it is a social gathering, New Year party, that special valentines eve, or a simple family get-together Make up can simply add on to your beauty. It is wrongly confused with hiding your weak points, makeup rather highlights your features and makes you look much pretty outside and you feel it inside. But before your best friend turns into your worst enemy it’s important to catch up the new trends rather than being trapped in the old ones.

Few such Trending Make up Styles include

1. Flushed Cheeks: hey girls now you don’t need to talk to a cutie or get into some sort of trouble to turn your cheeks pink. Get your hands on your favorite pink lipstick and apply a bit on to you cheeks, spread it with your fingers to blend it. Use this trick and get ready to rock the ramp of life!

2. Crystals: have some spare sequences which bought for a project and now of no use? Don’t worry it can do much more justice to your beauty than to that piece of paper. Just take some pieces of crystals and apply it under your eyes.

3. Silver Eye Makeup: Smoky eyes not enough to spread the sparkle within you? Go for silver eye makeup and let the sparkle in your eyes shine out and brighten your world.

4. Underliner : Makeup artists Jill Stuart and Ulla Johnson flipped the classic wing liner. Try this style to give more intense look to your eyes!

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