8 Jul 2020
Posted by Rahul Arora
What is Hair Rebonding and how it can benefit for your hair?

Hair rebondingis a chemical treatment which relaxes your hair by smoothing and straightening your hair. Your hair is made up of amino acids and these proteins are made up of bonds which determine the structure of your hair (wavy, straight, curly ). So, rebonding breaks down your natural bonds and rebuild them to alter the structure of your hair using chemicals. Thus, giving you silky smooth hair which you have been dreaming about since forever.

Hair rebonding uses a process that involves chemically relaxing your hair. The chemicals break down the bonds that connect the amino acids in your hair. Once the bonds are broken down, they are “rebuilt” in another manner that changes the structure of your natural hair texture.

These bonds bind together the proteins in the patter that gives your hair its curl, zig-zags or waves that make up your hair texture, so by breaking them down you end up with everyday straight hair.

The hair rebonding process uses a relaxant, a neutralizer, a blow dryer, flat iron and milk shampoo.



• The greatest benefit of hair rebonding is getting the results that you endured the process for: straight hair. While the hair that is treated is permanently straightened, you do have to continue to get your roots treated, as this process doesn’t affect the hair that has not yet grown out of your scalp, of course.

• The manageability of straight hair is clearly the other benefit. You won’t be prone to frizz, your hair will not recurl, and you won’t have to put excessive amounts of heat in your hair to maintain the straightness of it.

• Another benefit of the hair rebonding process is that the process can be relaxing, especially if you enjoy spending a few hours at the salon or go to a full-service salon and enjoy getting your nails done as well.

• The health of your hair can actually be improved by a hair rebonding treatment, though this is not always the case.

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