Are you feeling tired of searching for makeup tips & tricks, hair styling tips? Don’t worry! Check out here some of our Latest bridal makeup trends, makeup tips & tricks and hair styling tips?. Your perfect guide to answer all your makeup and hair styling queries and confusions.
Posted by Rahul Arora | 5 Feb 2020
Ombre Eyes This look pretty much screams summer festival. You can choose whichever combo of colours your heart desires, from three shades to five. Try the trend: Prep eye lids with an eyesha
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 28 Jan 2020
For a wedding, it is not only to look great at every major function, but also during the intermittent times. A wedding is an entire affair – the parts within might not be ceremonious, but can be an accidental selfie. And you n
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 21 Jan 2020
Learning from professionals and experienced makeup artists is the key to becoming a successful and skilled makeup artist. At a top makeup school, you will get the chance to work with professional and experienced photographers, m
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 16 Jan 2020
Now everyone wear makeup on their face to look beautiful. But some of the people are like go with natural look rather than to wear lots of makeup on their face.  So, finding the right makeup to wear when you’re going to natur
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 10 Jan 2020
Bridal makeup is gaining popularity among modern brides. Here are the reasons behind its rising popularity and how you can flaunt it on your big day. The stylist bride is experimental, minimalistic and loves to be unpredictab
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 2 Jan 2020
‘Do what you love and you’ll never have to work for even one day in your life!’ By pursuing a career in a field that you love, you will find job satisfaction every day. It gives you something to look forward to everyday w
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 24 Dec 2019
The makeup you choose for your wedding day is important; it's going to be there on the day of as well as in every photo of the event. We see a lot of brides that stress out about choosing their look for the big day, but it isn't
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 12 Dec 2019
Whole winters are a period of festivals, weddings and fancy parties. But keeping your skin nourished and shiny during winters is a little tough because winters can make your skin dry and lips chapped. Well, don’t worry girls w
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