Are you feeling tired of searching for makeup tips & tricks, hair styling tips? Don’t worry! Check out here some of our Latest bridal makeup trends, makeup tips & tricks and hair styling tips?. Your perfect guide to answer all your makeup and hair styling queries and confusions.
Posted by Rahul Arora | 16 Jul 2020
There are three basic ways to chemically straighten hair – by rebonding, smoothening or by keratin treatment, depending on how straight the hair is required to be. Find out which one is best-suited for your hair. Ke
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 8 Jul 2020
Hair rebondingis a chemical treatment which relaxes your hair by smoothing and straightening your hair. Your hair is made up of amino acids and these proteins are made up of bonds which determine the structure of your hair (wavy
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 27 Jun 2020
Getting married is the dream of every girl, it is the most beautiful moment of any girl's life, the moment whose impression remains on their heart for lifetime. And, when this day finally arrives, she leaves no stone unturned to
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 8 Jun 2020
Are you worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how this might spread in your hair salon, beauty salon or spa? In response to the recent disease outbreak, it's more important than ever to ensure that staff know how to take
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 31 May 2020
Summers are full of wonderful things — sun, beaches, ice-pops and more. But it also brings along humidity which consequently results in melting makeup, smeared eyeliner and super-sticky lipstick. Here are some easy-to-do ma
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 23 May 2020
Women probably spend months thinking about their perfect bridal look - everything from the outfit to the makeup and jewellery must be decided weeks ahead of the actual day! Your wedding is one of the most important days of your
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 7 May 2020
With the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, right now the best thing you can do is isolate yourself. A lot of people are also making a few lifestyle changes like having frequent hot showers, washing their hands regularly
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Posted by Rahul Arora | 30 Apr 2020
1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize Applying makeup on dry skin ranks as one of the biggest makeup mistakes. It can make your face look dull, cracked, crepe-y, and tired. Every look rests on a solid foundat
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